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Radio Free Derbycon 106.3FM - the DERP!
We're zippering blipverts into every network stream in the world!

Radio Free Derbycon welcomes you to the FINISHLINE!

To celebrate the 9th and FINAL Derbycon, we are running the Radio Free Derbycon CRYPTO CHALLENGE!


All weekend long, Radio Free Derbycon will be playing SECRET audio files that have data encoded in various ways. Various treats are encoded for your pleasure... but among what you discover will be 12 SECRET WORDS. These 12 SECRET WORDS are the key to a BITCOIN WALLET. Discover the KEY and claim the CRYPTO prize!


There are many ways to listen! If you're in the downtown Louisville area, simply tuning the radio dial to 106.3FM is an easy way! But if you're having troubles picking us up on the dial, don't have an old fashioned radio or just not in the area we have other options!
There is an embeded streaming link on this page... just scroll back up! It may even have started playing automatically when you loaded the page.
We are also streaming on Twitch and DLive.


There will be much to decode while listening! We know time flies at Derbycon and the weekend is short, so we've got a few helpful hints...
The 12 SECRET WORDS are broken up into 3 groups of 4 words.

4 words are encoded in SSTV(Slow Scan TV).

There are many ways to decode SSTV images. If you're using an Android device Robot 36 is a free and easy app to decode SSTV images. If you're using an iOS device SSTV looks to work... but it's not free. Google is your friend, there are various ways to decode SSTV on Windows, Linux and Mac. There is no need to leave the SSTV decoder running at all times while listening to Radio Free Derbycon. There will be an audio notice that a SSTV image is going to be broadcast, giving you time to have the SSTV decoder ready.

4 words are encoded into various audio files.

Using an app that displays a SPECTROGRAM of sound in real time, will be very useful. If you're using an Android device Spectrogram is free and easy to use. If you're using an iOS device Spectrumview is free and should work. We recomend leaving a Spectrogram analyzer running at all times while listening to Radio Free Derbycon. There will be NO notice of when images that can be decoded in a spectrogram will be played.

4 words are at the end of our custom GAMEBOY GAME!

At the end of our short GAMEBOY game, you will be rewarded with 4 of the 12 words... and that brings us to...


This year was the 30th anniversary of the GAMEBOY, so we decided to celebrate by making a game of our own...


Our game is short and unfinished... but you can still play and help Derpy Chan get her pirate radio on the air! As a reward for your selfless deeds, you'll recieve 4 of the 12 SECRET words.
The game rom can be downloaded here and played in any GAMEBOY emulator. LEGEND OF THE DERP! is also playable by visiting and playing in the browser. There will also be a playable unit available in the LOCKPICK VILLAGE.

LEGEND OF THE DERP! was created using GB Studio. Check it out if you're interested in making your own GAMEBOY game. It's not overly complicated and there is a growing community for support. It might even be a fun way for someone young to get into programming!


Be the first to collect all 12 SECRET WORDS and place them in the correct order! Download the Mycelium Wallet. The 12 SECRET WORDS are the WALLET SEED when entered in the correct order. When entered correctly, this will give you access to the wallet. You can then send some or all of the BITCOIN to your wallet or anywhere else you care to send it. The WALLET ADDRESS is: 3AksD39SfoHHC4RUUXhN4P9n1fFz4o6nST and the balance can be seen in any blockexplorer, example. Below is an embeded widget that also displays the wallet balance.

lets derp out all weekend long